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Do What You Love, Love What You Do

I absolutely Love my Job.
There is nothing more empowering and rewarding then empowering and nurturing other’s people lives.

My tool to do so is Yoga. Asanas, Breath awareness, mindfulness, dancing and many more forms - doesn’t matter which form you use, in the end there is only one teacher: your breath.
You don’t need any external guru, your teacher, your guru, is your own breath. Just follow your breath and you’ll be “here”. Infinitely grateful to my teacher, my students, my prana, my life force. To Ishwara.
Happy New Moon - the best time of the month to plant the seed of our intention. Our pray, our deepest desires. What is that you really want? What is that is serving your highest self now? Let’s make that your intention. Let’s unlock the power of Manifestation.

Let me take you on a journey....join me @La Dolce Vita Yoga Holiday Retreat and immerse yourself in delicious vinyasa flow yoga classes, divine italian meals and gorgeous local organic wine.

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