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Masturbation as Self Love Practice

Yes, yes & yes! This is a reminder and an invitation to spend time with your most important lover: yourself.

Masturbation is a practice. It is a practice of self love.

Just like yoga, meditation or cycling or whatever makes you feel in touch with your pleasure and essence in this life.

Yes pleasure! Pleasure is the essence of our life force. It needs to be turned on, nurtured and invited. In this society where pleasure is often linked to guilt or shame I invite you to allow yourself to feel your own pleasures. Deeply and abundantly. They are the essence of your life force. Of your energy. Let them flow through your beautiful body.

Self pleasuring is also a practice of self acceptance and to quote Elisa Caro “a natural confidence booster”.

It is a practice of listening. Listening to your body, listening to its pain, its desire, its fear. Allowing them to be there in their totality without shame or guilt.

Allowing yourself to celebrate your beauty, to celebrate existence. Every day. Every moment.

These 2 points are my best tips:

**Having a no goal oriented approach**
Don't rush. Don't get stuck in the doing. In reaching a pick or a goal. Just listen and feel how the body wants to move. Where it wants to be touched and how. It might be the belly to start with, or the breast, or the cheeks. Listen. No goal to reach, just a moment to moment exploration with your sacred temple.
If frustration arises, anger arises or whatever else just watch it, observe it, hold it with love and tenderness. Giving yourself full permission to be total, alive and present in each moment. Be curious. Be with yourself with a lovingly curiosity approach.

**Breathing & sounding**
Allow the breath to be deep and long. Imagine the breath to be the force that circulate your energy through the body in a circular movement: down the front of the body as you inhale and up the spine as you exhale. Give your exhalation permission to be loud if it feels like it, to express, to be heard. Making love with your breath. To quote David Deida “Breath is the way our bodies make love with God”.

Enjoy your sacred practice and feel free to comment any more tips you'd like to share!

If this resonates to you and would like to dive deeper into tantra and sacred sexuality subjects, join Mijael Finkel and myself at The Tuscany Temple retreat in Tuscany, Italy- 1st-7th September 2020

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