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What's A “Shamanic Practioner" ?

And how do I use it in my sessions?

So, what's Shamanism all about?

I've often been asked this question, and why and how do I use it in my work. I believe in transparency and clear communication so I felt inspired to share with you my understanding and how I use of this in my work. It's also a word and concept very very dear to me and it is often
misunderstood and abused.

Shamanism is all of that which cannot be explained by the rational mind or seen by the bare eyes. We live in a society that has forgotten the ancient rituals, the spiritual realms, the Gods, the Goddesses and the divinity all around and within us.

Shamanism is that connection with that spiritual world - beyond what we can see. It is that connection that can be felt, rather then touched; it can be allowed to be received/perceived rather then taken or learned in books.

Shamanismcan be discovered by attuning our inner wisdom to the collective soul realm. By deeply listening to what wants to unfold and wants to be witnessed, rather then controlling what we want to see happening. It is a deep, gentle listening that requires presence, trust and patience.

Aperson that has done extensive work on themselves and has felt some connection with those realms, is more attuned to perceive the realm of shamanism.

And How is it Used in a Session?

Good question!

More the "used", it is "allowed". In a shamanic container, we are working with a different state of consciousness. When I use this word describing my work I mean to describe that which cannot be fully explained. It's that intuition that guides me into acting a certain way, moving my hands in a certain way, asking certain questions or making certain sounds - not because I'm following a script or an agenda, but rather a guidance that comes from beyond my intellect.

"Shamans chose to be in relationship with the spirit in all things. They seek to use information and guidance from non-ordinary reality to intentionally form their own life experience."

"A shaman is a priest or priestess who uses magic (=what cannot be explained or seen but felt) for the purpose of curing the sick or divining the hidden. "

A “Shamanic Practioner” is an individual who works, not only using the skills and practises they have intellectually learned, but also tracks energy, uses harmonic resonance, ritual, elements and tools for building power. He/she guides others through spiritual experiences concerning all aspects of life including Kundalini awakenings, medicine journeys, life transitions, birth and death.

Essentially the practitioner uses the "third eye".


With Love