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A Healing Session with Nadia


Why and How Do I Do This Work?


In this post I'd like to give you a bit more context as to how and why I do this work.

Firstly, why even bothering working with sexual energy? And what does Sexual Energy actually mean?


Sexual Energy is --> our VITALITY! our thirst for life, our willingness to say YES to what serves us and NO to what doesn't. Sexual energy is the life force that brought us into this body, into this world, into this life. It is our birthright.

Somatically, the core of this energy is stored in our first chakra, Mooladhara Chakra, which is located in our pelvis, in our sex centre. This also where the "Kundalini" lies and where most of our unresolved traumas are stored. By bringing awareness and activating this centre in a safe and loving container, we can start the innate healing process, so to gradually unlock any suppressed energy in order to gain more vitality and vibrancy.

Think of a tree with its roots. If the roots are healthy and happy, the rest of the tree will be healthy and happy and its branches can spread wide open into the sky. If those roots are sick, the soils around them is not supportive, the whole tree will be impacted and it will fall down and eventually die.

Likewise, if our first chakra (which represents our roots), our sexual energy is vibrant and healthy, we'll gain benefits on all other aspects of our life.

Sexual Energy can be epxressed in intimacy and human connections - these last 2 are at the core of our well-being. When unresolved traumas or toxic patterns are in the way, our nervous system is in defence/survival mood and we struggle to connect with love and openess in any relationships. As a result we lack intimacy and connection whithout knowing how to restore it, causing a lack of vitality and happiness in many aspects of our life. We don't trhive anymore, we barely survive.


What to do then? We need to reconnect with that sense of openness, trust and full potential by relaxing our nervous sytem, healing unresolved traumas to slowly coming back into wholeness.  

The key to Trauma healing is to be able create a loving and safe container to experience the unfelt feeelings (the past felt terror, the fear, etc.) to then release it when ready. We cannot release it withouth feeling it first.  

So yes, it can look very messy, it can look like you are having a tantrum, or you are finally sheding all those tears you were meant to shed when you were 5 years old but you couldn't because you felt like shutting down. Or it can look like you are having a blust, a burst of joy and ecstasy for all those time in the past you didn't, and all of a sudden all is possible for you.... 

I cannot garantee what will happen for certain as it will depend on what wants to be witnessed and how ready you are in the moment....but I can garantee you my committment to create a safe and loving space for you.

So, trust yur gut, trust the process and trust your innare wisdom.

You are exactly where you are meant to be.

"Trauma can be most effectively healed through love and pleasure." Layla Martin


Below are some of the reasons why you would want to book a session with me:

  • Find More Vitality and Aliveness
  • Connect more to your body and heart centre
  • Share and ask questions in a safe, non judgmental space
  • Release unresolved traumas
  • Release anxiety and stress
  • Find self love and heal body shame
  • Use Sexual Energy for Spiritual Enhancement 


Some modalities used are:

👉 Sexuality / Intimcay Education & Coaching (only verbal, us having a chat :)

👉Emotional Release Tools (coaching you in a somatic process of breathing, moving and sounding. No touch involved).

👉 Aspecting - Gestalt Therapy (coaching you in an aspecting process. No touch involved).

👉 Tantric Body Work – a somatic experiencing practice which includes full body massage, pressure points and guided breathwork (please note this is not a relaxing or deep tissue massage where you just passively receive, but an activating body work where you are invited to breathe, sound and move to awaken and release what wants to be released).


The duration of a session can be everything from 60 minutes to 3 hours. It can involve touch but it is not compulsory. We'll decide together what is needed.


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