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Sexuality & Power

Healthy Sexuality - Why should we bother diving deep into it?

Our sexuality can affect many parts of our life, just as our day-to-day living impacts our sexuality.

Our sexual energy is stored in our first and second chakra, (chakras = main energy centres in the body). Thus it represents our foundation, our base, our roots from where energy flows upwards. From where power can be unleashed.

We can't have a beautiful and healthy tree if its roots are cut off or unhealthy. Likewise we can't have healthy life style without a healthy sexuality.

In other words, by healing and nurturing our sexuality, we are bringing benefits to all other aspects of our life. The way we relate to our friends, colleagues and family is connected to how we relate to our sexuality as well as to our partners in bed.

This is why it is important to dive deep into sexuality, to bring our shadows to light, to acknowledge its sacredness and potency within a healing and growing path.

I like to say that sexuality is a bit like a yoga practice: wherever you reach on the mat it will have benefits/effects off the mat. For example balancing in an asana posture can give you a more balanced diet. Likewise, mastering how to run your eros and sexual energy can help you enhancing your creativity flow, clarity of mind and overall energy level during your daily life.

Sexuality is also connected to your Power.

What is Power? Power is the ability to act the way you want to. Power is the ability to run your life force, to feel alive, clear minded and awake.

And how can we increase power in our being?

Through Pleasure. Yes! Pleasure! Such a word isn't it? It actually holds a lot of power. And the reason why there is this limiting believe that pleasure should be taken in small doses in order to be healthy, is because they don't really want us to be powerful. Pleasure is empowering and it very connected to a healthy sexuality.

However, to feel REAL pleasure, you need to first meet the place within you that are awaiting to be met. The wounded places. Your shadows. Releasing all the guilt, shame, inadequacy that we carry from generations around our body and sexuality. Religions and society have played an important role on spreading shame on this subject so that our power is on a leash.

Let's bring the pleasure os sexuality back into our power, as our birth right.

I'm available, as a sexuality coach, to help you get into your body and into your power. Visit my offerings page and get in touch asap. I'm excited about your journey! Let's get some results for you!

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