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Women Circle's Wisdom

Let the magic unfold as sisters come together in circle

I dream of a world where I can come in circle with my sisters and share.

Share my fears, doubts, joy, questions, wisdom, sacred rituals and tears.

Where sisters are united in their feminine essence. Where sisters inspire and empowers each others. Where I can be vulnerable and be safe.

Where I can ask my sisters what an orgasms feels like, what a penetration feels like, what to create a life feels like.

I dream of a circle of women where I can be totally and authentically myself, share my wisdom and be inspired by their wisdom.

With no shame, no guilt, no sense of hierarchy but a circle – where no one is in front or behind.

I dream of a space where women, together, welcome the men in.

A safe, juicy and joyful space. Where polarity meets union.

If that resonates to you, join Elisa Caro and myself in our circle for a transformational Goddess Initiation Retreat in Tuscany, Italy.

8 days of magic, yoga, belly dance, sacred femininity workshops, sacred tantric rituals & more. Early Birds now on on

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